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360 Rotation Robotic Selfie Stick


Color: 120CM TRIPOD

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What's The Essential Gadget For Tik Toker, Twitch Streamer and Vlogger? MPG 360 Rotation Robotic Selfie Stick, 360° Auto Follow Intelligent System
MPG 360 Rotation Robotic Selfie Stick is a 360° object tracking holder that can be controlled wirelessly. It is could achieve wireless control of 360° tracking functions such as object tracking, face tracking, photo taking, video recording, and other functions with the Apai Genie App. It allows you to experience a variety of novel playing methods brought by scientific and technological innovation.

MPG 360 Rotation Robotic Selfie Stick (Live Streamers’ User-Friendly Gadget)

Problems with video quality that limits you from focusing on your face or certain objects? MPG 360 Robotic Selfie Stick is the solution! When you press the record button on your phone, our selfie stick will follow you around wherever you go. It records all of your movements and actions.

Why not try video calling your family and friends while you're cooking or exercising? By monitoring your face and movement, the MPG 360 Robotic Selfie Stick will continually show your face to them! Staying in the same posture when video calling your family and friends is no longer an option. While video calling them, engage in some interactive activities with them.

MPG 360 Rotation Robotic Selfie Stick

  360° Degrees Rotation
  Face and Object Tracking
  AI Composition Intelligent Recording
  Vertical/Horizontal Smart Switch
  MultiStream LIVE
  Professional MultiStreams
  Easy To Set Up and Use
  Power Saving Mode

Product MAIN Features That Will Sparkle Your Day:

 Simple Operation To Set Up

Download and open the ApaiGenie App on your phone, then press the [Power On] key on the stand for 5 seconds, and it will connect automatically.

 Flexible and User-Friendly

The robot camcorder can record in both horizontal and vertical modes, and it can give numerous views to capture and adapt to various scenarios.


 Face Tracking & Intelligent Shooting 

Introduce AI technology of human image composition and size estimate into intelligent shooting, 360° rotate around, and automatically detect the person / PET.

When you move, the phone will follow wherever you want to go, establish the posture, and snap photographs at a predetermined time of 3 seconds. Useful for recording video of lectures, athletic events, presentations, group pictures, adventure shots, Facebook live, VLOG, and other activities.



 Object Tracking & Intelligent Shooting

The MPG 360 Rotation Robotic Selfie Stick can monitor and shoot real-time objects, follow the displacement of items, such as when the dog moves, and it will automatically shoot. What a wonderful surprise to receive a high-quality professional selfie stick that everyone can use and enjoy. Capture the excitement right now!


How To Download The ApaiGenie APP?

ApaiGenie is an app designed to enhance the user experience. You may get the software from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. (Supported operating systems: iOS 10.0 and later, Android 8.1 and later)

How To Setup The MPG 360 Rotation Robotic Selfie Stick with the ApaiGenie APP?

1. Install the batteries (3X “AA” batteries).
2. Download the APP “ApaiGenie” from the APPLE APP stores or Google Play on your mobile device.
3. Press the power key for 3 seconds to turn on the bracket, until the red light is flashing.
4. Connect the Bluetooth and the APP "ApaiGenie" on your device, and the stabilizer will automatically connect to your device; a bright red light will show once linked successfully.
5. Place your mobile device on the holder bracket.


Product selling point:
1 Ordinary mobile phone holder
2. Core functions replace manual hand-held follow-up
3. Especially suitable for personal short video producers and live influencers. Realize that you can record video without others.

Product Name : 360° object tracking holder
App support :Apai Genie 2
Net weight: 205g
Size: 102x102x176mm (L x W x H)
Support for phone: 56-100mm
Power supply 1.5v No. 5 alkaline dry battery*3
Support system: Android & IOS

Product Features:

1.Multi-Steam live

2.Vedio Call

3.Smart Recording

4.Object tracking mode

5.Face tracking mode

6.Support for tripod mounting

Instructions for use:
Connecting Device
1.Make sure the 360° Object Tracking Holder is ON, the red light flashing, and the Holder is waiting for bluetooth connection
2.Make sure the Bluetooth on your device is ON
3.Launch the Holder Apai Genie companion app and within 6 seconds, the Holder will antomatically connect to your device.

NOTE: There is no need to manually pair the device via Bluetooth

Packing include:
1*  360° object tracking holder(no battery included) + 1* Manual
( Download " Apai Genie " APP  support )




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