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Beautibloom-Premium Pure Collagen Films


Color: 3Set Mask(No box)

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Instant collagen absorption with our Premium Collagen Films by BeautiBloom

Transform your self-care routine within seconds with our Pure Collagen Films. Experience Hydration & Elasticity in your skin without any waste!

Beautibloom-Premium Pure Collagen Films

Nanocollagen: Instantly absorbs into your skin for rapid revitalization.

Collagen molecules are meticulously broken down into micro-sized units, ensuring rapid absorption into the deepest skin layers, delivering a revitalizing surge from within.

Beautibloom-Premium Pure Collagen Films

Using Beautibloom- Premium Pure Collagen Films WILL Produce Results!

Beautibloom-Premium Pure Collagen Films

Our collagen film helps improve skin elasticity, resulting in a firmer and more youthful complexion over time.

Soluble Collagen Face Mask Hydrolyzed Film Anti Aging Moisturizing Mask Remove Dark Circles Firming Lifting Gel Skin Care Set
Bullet Points:
1.Deep skin nourishment: Unlike collagens soluble film, our collagens soluble film uses electrospinning technology to create a thin and soluble film that penetrates into the skin and dissolves the solid nutrition.
2.Firm skin: Replenish the collagens needed by the skin: Highprime collagens film delivers a powerful dose of collagens to your skin, reducing sagging around the eyes and improving skin elasticity, firmness, and volume.
3.Improve fine lines: collagens skin care film is a powerful skin care product that helps reduce dry lines caused by dryness and replenish skin moisture. By using it regularly, you can improve fine lines and prevent new ones from forming.
4.Spray to melt: Highprime collagens film is a lightweight and portable skincare product that you can use anytime, anywhere. Just spray it on your face and watch it melt into your skin, delivering nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

5.For dark circles: collagens skin care film is a powerful solution for eye rejuvenation. It helps reduce bags under the eyes, fine lines, dark circles, edema, and crow's feet around the eyes.



Melting Collagens Film is a revolutionary skincare product that lets the solid collagens dissolve on your skin and penetrate deeply. It improves skin elasticity, replenishes skin moisture, and reduces bags under the eyes. The film is easy to absorb and leaves no dirt.


1. Specifications: 3pc forehead patch + 3 pairs of cheek patches

2. Applicable skin type: all skin types


Packing List:
3pcs* forehead piece
3 pairs* cheek patches
Beautibloom-Premium Pure Collagen FilmsBeautibloom-Premium Pure Collagen FilmsBeautibloom-Premium Pure Collagen FilmsBeautibloom-Premium Pure Collagen FilmsBeautibloom-Premium Pure Collagen FilmsBeautibloom-Premium Pure Collagen FilmsBeautibloom-Premium Pure Collagen FilmsBeautibloom-Premium Pure Collagen Films


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