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Claroptix Top Rated Night Driving Glasses

Enhanced clarity at night when driving
Suitable to wear over prescription glasses
Reduces glare and harsh light
Advanced polarization technology
UV400 protection

“... helps me have a much clearer view! They keep me safe while driving at night.”

Are you used to driving at night and low light conditions or you simply want to stay safe while on the road at night? Osmo Claroptix uses innovative polarization technology to protect your eyes from harsh environmental elements, reduce eye fatigue, and provide more accurate vision in low light to keep you safe on the road.

You can easily put them over any prescription glasses to reduce night driving glare and you won't even feel them due to lightweight design. Claroptix uses advanced UV400 protection lenses to enhance clarity and keep you safe on the road under all conditions

Osmo Claroptix - Lux

Osmo Claroptix - Lux

HD clear vision

Osmo Claroptix - Lux

 UV400 protection

Osmo Claroptix - Lux

 Fit over any prescription glasses

Osmo Claroptix - Lux

True color

Osmo Claroptix - Lux

Polarized lens

Osmo Claroptix - Lux

Blocks glare and harsh lights

 The Science Behind Our Innovative Polarization Technology

Osmo Claroptix uses innovative polarization technology to mitigate glare by using filters embedded in the lenses.

This filter removes glare by absorbing the incoming horizontal light (usually from other cars and trucks), while still allowing vertical light to allow you to see true colors.

Clearoptix are made with one-size-fits-all, so they can easily be put over any prescription glasses and foldable hinge makes it great fit for any head size.




More about Osmo Claroptix
Enhanced clarity at night: Never miss an object when you’re on the road at night and always have a clear view to keep yourself safe while driving.
Reduces glare and light sensitivity: By reducing glare, it can relieve eye strain, headaches, and other problems that might cause your focus to drop while on the road.
One size fits all: They can be easily put over any prescription glasses and foldable hinge makes it suitable for any head size.
True color vision: Unlike other brands that totally mess up the colors when wearing glasses, Claroptix provides you with a true color HD vision for a more realistic view.
Protects your eyes: UV400 protection blocks any harmful UV rays and blocks lights from the side


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