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Comflux Travel Bag

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Made with the highest quality fabrics & styles shipped directly to you.

Wrinkle Free Organization

This can be used as a great travel bag for special occasions such as a holidays, weddings, or any occasion you may be taking your best outfits along with you. Inside of our bag, there are several ways to fasten your clothing in a fixed position before folding it up for travel.

Comflux Travel Bag

Stop Throwing Money Away on Overweight Baggage Fees!

Traveling shouldn’t be a financial burden.
Your brand new Comflux can be a great money saver in the long term.
You might be wondering how?
Think of how much money you spend on checking your bags at the airport.
With Comflux, it will fit in overhead bins inside of
airplanes so that you do not even have to check a bag.
Comflux Travel Bag

Fit More Clothes

The ComfluxTravel Bag’s unique storage design allows you to fit 2x the clothes in the same amount of space as a suitcase of the same size
Comflux Travel Bag

The Perfect Replacement

The Comflux can easily replace the need for a suitcase, because of the amount of space it provides. When unfolded, you may think to yourself, how will this ever fold up to be conveniently sized for a carry-on bag for my travels? But when you fold it up, and all is said and done, you will be nothing short of impressed by how compact your belongings are.
Comflux Travel Bag

Packing made easier.

Tired of trying to fit all of your belongings into a suitcase? Well, those days are over! Travel in an organized fashion with our wrinkle free, aesthetically pleasing bag!
Comflux Travel Bag

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