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Osmo DashCam

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Color Name: only dash cam

Sd Card Memory: 8G


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"... I feel so much safer now. A lot of people in my area think they own the road, I even installed it in both of my cars."


Do you want to feel safer on the road and have everything recorded for fast track insurance

claims and to get out of wrongful traffic tickets or simply keep your car more protected at night

to have video evidence? Osmo DashCam uses 170° wide-angle capture with 1080p HD image

to ensure you have everything recorded and ready as evidence.

It has loop recording to automatically delete old non-important footage and replace it with

the newest one to save you time and effort.With motion detection and night vision,

it's suitable for any weather condition or circumstances. Not only does it help you feel safer

on the road, but it also keeps your car safe at night by continuously recording any activity.

Unlike other dash cams that are hard to install, Osmo is very straightforward and you receive all

the necessary cables, screws, and in-depth user manual.

  • 170° angle-wide capture
  • Motion detection for night
  • 1080p HD visuals
  • Loop recording & parking monitor
  • Easy to install



Easy to set up

Motion detection

170° wide-angle capture

Loop recording

1080p HD image

Night vision


The Science Behind Our 170° Wide-Angle Technology

Osmo DashCam uses expanded 170° wide-angle capture technology to ensure everything is captured on the video.

Unlike traditional 120° wide-angle cameras that can capture only so much, Osmo delivers a much more convenient solution.

Besides having a wide-angle capture, everything is being recorded in 1080p HD video, so you can zoom in on all the smaller details such as license plates.



Have evidence in case of car accident Avoid false traffic tickets Speed up insurance claims Identify car theft or damage


More about Osmo DashCam

  • Have recorded evidence always: No matter if it’s for insurance claims or false traffic tickets, you can now always have video evidence of what happened.
  • 1080p HD visuals: Having a crystal clear picture under any weather conditions is super important as you can zoom in to always check the license plates or other smaller details.
  • No worry about turning it on: Osmo DashCam has a loop recording meaning it’s recording at any time of the day whenever the engine is ON.
  • Night vision: Ensures you’ll have a quality image even at night or if someone’s trying to steal or damage your car.
  • Easy to set up: Unlike other dash cams that require a lot of work, you can set up Osmo in just a few minutes.





  1. NIGHT VISION: The combination of WDR and HDR ensures the clarity of night images. Even in
  2. low light environments, no auxiliary light source is needed, so you can easily obtain clear and
  3. color-accurate images.

2. 170° WIDE-ANGLE: 170° wide-angle easily covers 4 lanes. In order to reduce blind spots, the

wide-angle design of the driving recorder is very important. We chose a large wide-angle all-glass

lens with a maximum viewing angle of 170°, and intelligent wide-angle image correction will not

be distorted. Excellent high sensitivity, truly and meticulously restored the truth of the event.

3. DUAL LENS: Install the waterproof rear-view camera above the license plate or on the rear

window, which can be used to view the surrounding environment when reversing or parking.

Installation guide for the rear camera: Connect the red wire of the rear camera to the reversing lights.

When the car is backing up, the image from the rear camera will automatically switch to the full screen of the front camera.

4. SAFETY: This car camera can help you drive more safely. Especially for novices,

because we cannot determine the best distance behind the car. It is suitable for all types of vehicles

. It will bring you the convenience and benefits of a car camera. This is the perfect solution to get rid of

poor visibility of cars, trailers, trucks or any vehicles without rearview mirrors or rear parallax.


Screen(Display) Size:4.0 Inch LCD Screen

Camera Lens:Front: 170 Degree Angle   Rear: 140 Degree

Video Resolution:1920*1080P

Video Code:H.264

Package include:

1 x Packaging box
1 x DVR
1 x Power charger
1 x User manual
1 x Holder

1 x reversing camera(Optional)



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