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EarLite P7


Color: Black Endoscope

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"... this is a must have! I didn't know how much wax I had in my ears before I got this device with a camera."

The EarLite P7 is the ultimate solution for effortless and comfortable earwax removal. Say goodbye to the discomfort and potential risks of traditional methods as this innovative device offers a gentle and effective option for ear hygiene. Designed with your comfort in mind, the EarLite P7 uses advanced technology to safely and efficiently remove excess earwax for better hearing and wellbeing.

With its ergonomic design and hygienic, reusable silicone attachments, the EarLite P7 ensures problem-free and hygienic cleaning. The built-in LED light provides a crystal clear image so you can precisely target the affected areas. Experience the convenience of professional ear care from the comfort of your own home. Step up your ear hygiene routine with the EarLite P7 and enjoy the benefits of improved hearing and ear comfort, all in one compact and easy-to-use device.

 Top Rated Ear Wax Remover

Powerful yet gentle cleaning
Removes earwax safely and without discomfort
Easy to clean, reusable silicone tips
Clear view for precise cleaning
Compact design for use on the go

Efficient cleaning
Visual control
LED light for better visibility
Easy connection with your mobile phone

The Science Behind Our Innovative WiFi Connectivity
Introducing the EarLite P7, a revolutionary visual ear scoop that elevates your ear care with high-definition smart visuals, ensuring unmatched precision during cleaning. Its seamless WiFi connectivity sets it apart from competitors, providing modern convenience for effortless monitoring and addressing of earwax concerns.

Unlike traditional methods, the EarLite P7 ensures a comfortable and risk-free ear hygiene routine with advanced technology and soft, reusable silicone tips.

In a market saturated with conventional options, the EarLite P7 stands out as a beacon of innovation. Its cutting-edge features, from high-definition visuals to seamless WiFi connectivity, make it the go-to choice for those seeking a modern solution to ear hygiene. Experience the future of ear care – discover the EarLite P7 and redefine how you care for your ears.

More about Osmo EarLite P7

Clear hearing: The EarLite P7 thoroughly removes earwax for clearer and better hearing without discomfort.

Safe and gentle: The soft silicone earplugs ensure gentle and non-invasive cleaning and prevent damage to the ear canal.

Visual Inspection: The built-in camera and LED lights provide a real-time view of the ear canal, allowing you to effectively monitor and treat ear health.

Conveniently at home: Experience professional ear cleaning from the comfort of your own home and save yourself frequent visits to the clinic.

Family Friendly: Suitable for all ages, the EarLite P7 provides a safe and hygienic earwax remover that promotes ear health for all family members.

Soft silicone material Skin-like texture. Suitable for babies and children as well as family use. A good and trustworthy partner.

Commodity parameters:
Product name: wifi visual ear digging spoon endoscope camera boxed
Operating frequency: 2.4GHZ
Image transmission: 20FPS
Working environment: -10-40 degrees Celsius
Charging time: 1 hour
Battery life: 50 minutes
Battery capacity: 120 mA
Input current: DC 5V
Pixel: Ultra HD camera
Gravity sensor: 3 axis

Feature 1: Smart visual wireless
Feature 2: Portable
Feature 3: Lens waterproof and anti-fog
Feature 4: Intelligent multi-axis gyroscope
Feature 5: Product includes exclusive APP mode
Feature 6: product integrated design drop-resistant body

Size: 153*12.6mm
Product main material: ABS + PC

Package Contents:
Wireless Endoscope*1
Data cable *1
Packaging box * 1
Ear spoon silicone cover * 1 set



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