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Electro Sketch LCD Drawing & Writing Tablet


Color: Black 8.5in color

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In a world dominated by screens and virtual entertainment, it’s no wonder that today’s children often find themselves detached from the wonders of traditional creativity. The lack of engagement with traditional creative outlets deprives children of valuable opportunities to develop vital skills for future development. This struggle leads to feeling overwhelmed, as infants lose interest, hindering hand-eye coordination and essential cognitive behaviour.

Introducing Electro Sketch, a revolutionary artistic expression game tailored for young artists; it combines creativity and freedom in an immersive, tactile experience, seamlessly merging the digital and physical realms. Experience the vibrant display and easy backup of files with responsive stylus pressure, effortlessly bringing ideas to life. Children can unleash their creativity joyfully and effortlessly, constantly enjoying, improving, and maturing with each creation.

Electro Sketch LCD Drawing & Writing Tablet


  • Pressure-Sensitive Screen: Experience the magic of the Electro Sketch Drawing Tablet as it accurately detects different pressure levels. This means children can easily vary the thickness and darkness of their drawings, giving them greater control and enhancing their artistic skills.
  • Mess-Free Creativity: Electro Sketch is paper, pencil and eraser free. Children can freely express their creativity by creating beautiful artwork directly from the screen while enjoying the benefits of a clean and clutter-free artisticenvironment.

Electro Sketch LCD Drawing & Writing Tablet

  • Portable and Lightweight: With its lightweight and portable design, the Electro Sketch Drawing Tablet allows children to unleash their creativity on the go, making it an ideal companion for home, road trips, or visiting relatives. It ensures they stay engaged and entertained wherever they may be.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Electro Sketch Drawing Tablet is designed to withstand the energetic nature of children, being both drop and impact-resistant. This ensures young artists can unleash their boundless creativity without limitations, providing years of enjoyment.

Electro Sketch LCD Drawing & Writing Tablet

  • Screen Time Alternative: An immersive alternative to excessive screen time, The Electro Sketch nurtures children’s creativity. By engaging in hands-on drawing experiences, children can unleash imagination, develop artistic skills, and find a healthy balance between technology and traditional expression.

Electro Sketch LCD Drawing & Writing Tablet

We empathize with families’ challenges when nurturing a child’s artistic talents. It can be a struggle to find suitable creative options without relying on iPhones and iPads loaded with games. According to a recent study, children spend an average of 4-6 hours per day in front of screens, seeking stimulation outside of creative outlets, limiting knowledge growth and future development.

The Electro Sketch Drawing Tablet empowers children to explore their artistic talents, refine their skills, and create stunning digital artwork precisely and easily. It ignites creativity, boosts confidence, and allows them to produce cherished masterpieces that will be forever treasured. Experience the joy of witnessing the artistic journey unfold, from initial strokes to awe-inspiring finished creations.


  • 12 Inch 28.5cm high x 18.9cm wide


  • 1 x LCD Drawing Tablet 1 x Drawing stylus

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