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Fidgettrigger Ultra


Color: B Green

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Fidgettrigger Ultra Fidgettrigger Ultra

Unleash Fun with Fidget Gun!

Designed with a slide release and safety features, the Fidgettrigger Ultra boasts incredibly gratifying mechanisms, ensuring hours of enjoyable entertainment.

  • Click Technology

Developed with Patented click technology to enhance the ear tickling clicking sounds

  • Recoil Movement

Blast with recoil Ultra Springs to feel the real feeling of a real blaster

  • Realistic Mechanics

Keeping it mechanical is one of our biggest requests so we made it more industrial and heavy duty compared to others

Fidgettrigger Ultra

Blast with your friends!

The best blaster in the market sure to turn any day into a blast war, get some with friends to blast eachother away with fun.

Fidgettrigger Ultra

Recoil Shells!

The Fidgettrigger Ultra includes 9 ejectable shells. Just take out the magazine, insert the shells, and start firing to see them soar!

  • Eliminate Boredom

    Whether upgrading play fights or fidgeting, our blasters entertain endlessly!

  • Anixety Away

    The Fidgettrigger channels emotions, bringing a calming rhythm to excess energy or restlessness.

  • Reduce ADHD

    Our blasters enhance focus and concentration by channeling sensory impulses, aiding in task concentration.

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