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Glo sketch – magic Drawing board


Color: 8.5inch green

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10 Reasons Why Parents Love Glo Sketch for their Growing Kids

1.Fun for boys and girls 2+ years old

2.Glare-free surface is safe for the eyes

3.Doesn’t stain clothes or hands

4.Cultivates imagination & creativity

5.Makes schoolwork more fun

6.Fits inside your handbag or backpack

7.Hangs easily on the wall or fridge

8.Improves enthusiasm for learning

9.Avoids paper waste (saves 10,000+ pieces of paper)

10.More bonding time with your childv

Let Your Kid be Inspired!

The creative genius inside your child is waiting to be released! Glo Sketch is just the fun and imaginative tool to inspire them for hours on end, and parents love that there’s no clean-up or mess.

It’s compact like a tablet but versatile like real paper.

Parents are catching on fast to the imaginative power of Glo Sketch, and tens of thousands are now sold every week. Give your kid a Glo Sketch and witness their creativity and intelligence develop from the moment the stylus touches the screen.

Glo sketch – magic Drawing board

Unleash the Inspiration in 3, 2, 1!

Glo sketch – magic Drawing board

Step 1

Unlock the screen using the button in the middle

Glo sketch – magic Drawing board

Step 2

Pop the stylus out from its holder and use it to color on the screen

Glo sketch – magic Drawing board

Step 3

Either hang up the beautiful work, or hit the “erase” button to start again!

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