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HairoDry Pro X9

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Color: standard white

Plug Type: EU Plug - HairoDry Pro X9

EU Plug - HairoDry Pro X9
US Plug - HairoDry Pro X9

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"... No more burns! This is the first good hair dryer for my sensitive scalp..."

How many times did you burn your hair the last time you dried it? Or spent a ridiculous amount of money on hair treatments? With the Osmo HairoDry, you can enjoy fast drying time while keeping your hair and scalp perfectly healthy without causing burns or irritation.

The Osmo HairoDry uses advanced heat protection technology with 20M+ negative ions to keep your hair healthy, shiny and safe from burns. It's 3x faster and lighter than the average hair dryer, so it will never leave you with aching arms. It's time to say goodbye to bad hair days!


Intelligent temperature and overheating protection
Lightweight & easy to use
All-in-one hair dryer & styler
Ultra quiet technology
20M+ negative ions for healthy hair


20M+ negative ions for healthier drying
Overheating protection technology
Fast drying time
Powerful airflow of 60 m/s



More about Osmo HairoDry

Never burnt hair again: The Osmo HairoDry uses advanced heat protection technology that monitors the temperature 43 times second to ensure you will never experience burnt or damaged hair again.

Faster drying time: Enjoy a salon-like treatment with a high-speed 60 m/s airflow that completely dries even the longest hair in less than 15 minutes.

Delayed Safe Shutdown: Unlike other hair dryers that last an average of one year, the Osmo HairoDry uses a delayed shutdown that allows the hair dryer to cool down properly and guarantees it will last a lifetime without sacrificing performance.

20M+ negative ions for healthier drying: Unlike other hair dryers that often damage the skin, Osmo HairoDry has 20M+ negative ions that prevent your hair from burning.

No aching arms: Forget about aching arms, because the Osmo HairoDry weighs less than 400 g - The same weight as two smartphones.


The Science Behind our  Innovative Hygienic Self-cleaning System
The Osmo HairoDry has a built-in self-cleaning system so you don't have to clean filters filled with dirt and dust.

With an internal reverse blow mechanism, the dryer blows all debris out of the inlet and filter, so you won't be bothered with the task of cleaning a dirty filter every other day.

Plus, it keeps your hair healthier and cleaner while maintaining its amazing performance.







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Standard Version:

1. No Crystal Decoration on the Drying Head & Handle Tail

2. No PU wrap for the Handle

Updated Version:


1. With Crystal Decoration on the Drying Head & Handle Tail

2. With PU wrap for the Handle





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