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Osmo HearPro

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"... I hear much better. They are very comfortable and no one even notices

that I am wearing them." Want to hear better without expensive treatments or

large devices that are not comfortable to wear?


Osmo HearPro uses innovative RampSound technology to optimize the

amplification of the human voice and reduce noise levels. The discreet

design allows you to wear them wherever you go without others noticing.

They have a long battery life and a charging base that allows you to

quickly recharge them. They are made of soft silicone tips that are super

comfortable to wear and do not cause any irritation to the ear. Unlike

other hearing aids that often fall out, HearPro uses a special design

to keep them in place during all activities. They are very light and you

won't even feel that you are wearing them. It's time to say goodbye

to hearing loss and hello to having normal conversations with anyone again.


Innovative RampSound technology
Background noise reduction system
Rechargeable with superior battery life
Incredibly comfortable and easy on the ears
Discreet design that you can wear anywhere

Why Osmo Hearpro Stands Out 

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Does not fall out of the ears

Discreet design

Adjustable volume settings

Reduces background noise

Long life rechargeable battery

Great gift for parents

Behind Our Innovative Rampsound® Technology

Osmo HearPro uses innovative RampSound technology to amplify the human voice and enable you to communicate normally with anyone.

Unlike hearing aids that amplify everything, our technology is designed to amplify the human voice and suppress background noise - providing a perfect balance.

They're very small and light, so you can wear them anywhere without people noticing and asking lots of questions.

More Information About Osmo Hearpro

Enhanced human communication: With innovative technology, HearPro detects and amplifies the human voice so you can have a normal conversation.

Won't fall off: With special design, our hearing aids won't fall out of your ears during any activity.

Blocks background noise: While amplifying the human voice, it suppresses background noise to achieve the perfect balance between the two.

Gentle on your ears: You will not experience discomfort or irritation when wearing HearPro and they are extremely lightweight.

Forget about people staring: Some hearing aids are too big and many people stare or ask you about them. These can be worn discreetly.


Rechargeable Mini Digital Hearing Aid Sound Amplifiers Wireless Ear Aids for Elderly


Moderate to Severe Loss Drop Shipping

Product Features:
1. Long standby time
2. Safe charging
3. Digital chip
4. Intelligent noise reduction
5 Anti-howling

Product parameters:
1. Material: medical - grade TPE environmentally friendly materials
2. Weight: about 8g
3. Current consumption: 1.2mA
4. Working time after being fully charged: about 40H

Packing list:
Principal machine * 1
Earplugs * 4
Cleaning sweeper * 1
Charger * 1
Package box * 1


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