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Osmo Heated Vest


Color: 2 Heated Red

Size: EU(M)


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"... Warm warm warm love it! I was outside for 10 hours last

night and I didn't feel cold even a little bit - very recommended."

Introducing the Osmo Heated Vest – your ultimate companion for staying warm

and cozy in any chilly situation! Whether you're braving the cold during outdoor

adventures, working in a freezing warehouse, or just looking for extra comfort

on frosty days, our heated vest has got you covered. With adjustable heat levels,

this vest allows you to tailor your warmth to perfection, so you'll never have to

endure the cold again. Its long-lasting battery ensures hours of soothing heat,

making it ideal for extended outdoor activities or long workdays. Plus,

the lightweight design makes it easy to wear as a versatile layer,

adding a touch of warmth to any outfit.

But that's not all – safety is paramount with our vest. You can trust the built-in

heating elements to maintain a consistent and safe temperature,

avoiding any discomfort or overheating. The Osmo Heated Vest is

the perfect solution for anyone seeking warmth, freedom of movement,

and peace of mind, all in one sleek package. 

Luxurious comfort against your skin.
Cozy without being bulky.
Innovative heating elements
Machine washable and quick drying.0
Suitable for both men and women

Why Osmo Heated Vest stands out

Zipper closure

Machine washable

Lightweight design


The Science Behind our Innovative Heating Elements For All Body Areas

The Osmo Heated Vest sets itself apart from other vests by combining

top-notch warmth and versatility. With adjustable heat settings and a

long-lasting battery, it offers customizable comfort for a range of outdoor activities. 

This vest is designed for adventurers who demand reliable warmth and

freedom of movement, making it an unbeatable choice in the world of heated apparel.

The unisex design makes it wearable for both men and women,

and comfortable material makes it perfect for any occasion.


More information about Osmo Heated Vest

Efficient, Customizable Warmth: Osmo Heated Vest provides adjustable heat levels, ensuring you stay comfortably warm during chilly outdoor adventures, even in freezing temperatures.

Long-Lasting Battery: With a powerful, rechargeable battery, you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted warmth on your journeys, making it perfect for extended outdoor activities.

Enhanced Mobility: Designed with flexibility in mind, this heated vest offers freedom of movement, allowing you to stay agile while conquering various terrains and activities.

Durable & Weatherproof: Constructed with high-quality materials, it's built to withstand the elements, making it a reliable companion for outdoor enthusiasts in all conditions.

Versatile & Stylish: The Osmo Heated Vest isn't just functional; it's also fashionable. It complements your outdoor attire while keeping you cozy in style.



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