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HushPup Bark Trainer

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Finally, a solution to the constant barking

Say goodbye to constant barking with the press of a button.

Simply point this device at your dog, press the button & finally enjoy some peace & quiet.

Correct unwanted bad behavior

The HushPup Bark Trainer uses ultra sonic frequencies to get your dog’s attention & get them to stop barking.

This sound then sticks in your dog’s brain correcting all future activities.

With every use they’ll behave better & soon you won’t have anything to correct.

Also corrects: chewing, aggression, anxiety, biting & more

HushPup Bark Trainer

A completely safe solution

Unlike other solutions on the market, HushPup is completely safe for your dog.

It emits a frequency of 25 KHZ which will not damage your dog’s hearing.

HushPup Bark Trainer

A training device that actually works!

Unlike bark collars, training clickers, and other devices, HushPup actually works.

Over 96% of dog owners have been able to correct their dog with just 2 weeks of use

Dual sonar heads: higher power, more effective & longer range

Deterrent mode: high frequency to protect you from aggressive dogs

HushPup Bark Trainer


1. About 3% of dogs don't respond to ultrasound due to the natural characteristics of dogs and differences in hearing.
2. Please use an adapter (within 5V output voltage) to charge the product, otherwise it may cause permanent damage to the product.

【Safe and Effective Behavior Modification】

Looking for a safe and effective way to train your dog and modify their behavior? dog barking control devices that emit ultrasonic signals between 20-25 kHz, which are inaudible to humans but can easily grab your dog's attention without causing any harm, unlike a dog whistle, these devices are a humane and gentle method for correcting unwanted behavior, stopping excessive barking, and preventing your dog from eating unsafe food.

【Two Ultrasonic Modes】

This dog whistle to stop barking features two modes and a flashlight to assist with stopping excessive barking, the deterrent mode emits a high-intensity ultrasonic sound while flashing the flashlight to drive away fierce dogs, while the training mode emits a lower-intensity ultrasonic sound to aid in correcting unwanted behaviors, such as fighting, biting, and excessive barking. the flashlight also has a long-bright mode for walking your dog at night.

【Small and Easy to Carry and Use】

This ultrasonic dog barking deterrent device features a slim design that fits comfortably in even smaller hands. The independent and clear keys make it easy to use, and the anti-mistake lock key helps prevent false triggers. Additionally, a vibration effect provides a better user experience when the button is pressed. The device also includes a red low-power indicator light and an adjustable wrist strap, making it convenient for outdoor use.

HushPup Bark TrainerHushPup Bark TrainerHushPup Bark TrainerHushPup Bark TrainerHushPup Bark TrainerHushPup Bark TrainerHushPup Bark Trainer

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