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Keilini Indoor TV Antenna


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Keilini Indoor TV Antenna

Your TV must be a digital TV to use this digital antenna. If it is an analog TV, you will need a digital converter box for your TV.

You MUST rescan your TV channels every time a new antenna is attached. Your previously saved channels are synchronized with your previous antenna. You need to resync the new antenna with the TV by rescanning the channels. Attaching the new antenna without rescanning the TV channels will not work! It is also highly recommended to rescan the TV channels after repositioning your antenna.

Make sure you can receive the TV channel signal before sticking it to the wall or window.

Areas with large obstacles, such as valleys and mountains, will reduce the effective range.

Keep TV antennas away from power-hungry equipment, such as air conditioners, elevators, hair dryers, and microwaves.

Visit for a list of available free digital channels in your area.

【No more monthly TV bills】With your TV antenna, you can enjoy HD & 4K channels for free, and no longer have to pay a huge bill for your TV. You can access high-definition TV channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBC, VOS, etc.

【Long Range Antenna】With a large reception area and built-in 36dB amplified signal booster, this HDTV antenna will be able to pick up all available channels in your area. (Only the Antenna Power Gain: 36DBI has a built-in amplified signal booster)

【Superior Picture Quality】With our next-generation built-in smart chip and latest digital filtering technology, this antenna improves signal-to-noise ratio, giving you a 4K 1080P crystal clear picture!

【10 ft Strong Heavy Duty Coax Cable】The long durable cable makes it easy to find the best reception spot in your home. The amplifier can be powered by the TV's USB port.


Working Frequency: VHF (170-240Mhz) / UHF( 470-860Mhz) Signal Enhancement: 25DBI / 36DBI / 37DBI Reception Range: 80 miles / 300 miles / 400 miles VSWR: ≤ 1.5 Impedance: 75 Ω Signal Booster: 36dB Color: Black Cable: 10 ft, Signal Amplifier: 1.2m (3.6ft) Connectors: F head, with IEC adapter Polarization: Linear Voltage: 5V

Usage Steps: Step 1: Connect the antenna directly to an HDTV with an HD tuner or through a set-top box to a TV without an HD tuner. Step 2: Place the TV antenna in the best position, usually on a wall or window. Step 3: Use your TV's "Channel Search" to scan channels and get ready to enjoy your free TV.

What if you do not receive the signal with the TV antenna or the antenna does not achieve the desired effect?

Check that the antenna is properly connected to the HDTV or a third-party HDTV receiver, such as a TV set-top box.

Rescan the channels in the TV Settings menu, set the mode to Antenna or Air, refer to the TV Manual for detailed instructions.

If you have previously seen a snowy (but visible) image on an analog TV channel, you may not have a strong enough signal for this new format. Try moving the antenna to a different position; sometimes moving it just a few feet can make a difference.

Package included:

1 * Digital TV Antenna

Keilini Indoor TV AntennaKeilini Indoor TV AntennaKeilini Indoor TV AntennaKeilini Indoor TV AntennaKeilini Indoor TV AntennaKeilini Indoor TV AntennaKeilini Indoor TV Antenna
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