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Secure Mat™ - The Ultimate Non-Slip Bath Mat - Infinitylifee

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Color: Beige 40x60cm

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Traditional Bath Mats Are Gross & Dangerous Make This Simple Bathroom Switch For Increased Safety & Hygiene

Traditional bathing mats are made from cheap plastics that never drain the water and grow mold and mildew underneath them. It’s beyond gross... it’s an accident waiting to happen. According to the CDC, over 190,000 Americans slip on wet bathroom floors every year! Plastic bathing mats are also breeding grounds for bacteria, which can transfer to your body and cause skin irritation or foot fungus.

Fortunately, there’s now a more hygienic way to let you have safe, comfortable showers without worrying. The Secure Mat is made of 100% top-grade Microban & Loofah fabrics — a quick-draining, anti-bacteria material that lets water through and fully drains it at the same time without leaving any ground for mold growth. And since Microban & Loofah don’t ever need to be washed or lose their draining power, it can keep your bathtub & shower safe, non-slippery, dry, & safe for decades.

"Water goes right through it like it's not there "

See how The Secure Mat can keep your bathroom safe, clean, no-slip, & germ-free.

Transform Your Bathing Experience

We usually take a shower first thing in the morning or late at night after a long day. Our customers reported an increased comfort knowing they are safe from accidental slips due to tiredness or sleepiness and not having to worry about mold and bacteria. With its elegant look and texture, it also feels like a luxury upgrade from a traditional plastic mat or no mat at all.


Prevents hair from clogging in the drain


Never gets stained, rinses clean


Soap and water don’t build up over it

Bullet Points:
1、【Safety Protection】: Loofah Mats for Shower is made of high-quality soft PVC, no suction cups and stickers design, silk circle texture, with anti-slip and scratch-resistant features, which can support people to use bathtubs, showers safely.
2、【Good Drainage】: Loofah Shower Mats have lattice drainage holes at the bottom, and the silk circle fibers can collect hair and mud, prevent them from clogging the drainage holes, and the drainage efficiency is high.
3、【Easy to Clean】: Loofah Bathtub Mats have a quick-drying design and are easy to clean, just rinse the lather and hair on top with water, then hang to dry and reuse.
4、【Practical Design】: Loofah Mats for Bathtub The textured surface of the loofah flesh brings a unique touch to your feet. You can scrub your feet on our bath mat for a foot massage and exfoliation.
5、【Universally Compatible】: Loofah Mats for Bathroom Floor can be used by the elderly, children, pets, there are many colors and sizes with different bathtubs and showers.
1. The design of the loofah flesh ring can massage the feet and is non-slip.
2. Quick-drying design, easy to clean.
Product Size
Rectangle: about 40*60cm/16*24in
Square: about 60*60cm/24*24in
Material: PVC
Packing List:
Bathroom non-slip mat*1 PC

1. Due to the lighting effects and angles, there is a color difference in the product, please understand.
2. Due to manual measurement, there is a tolerance in the product size.


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