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Luminorth Cube

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Lampshade Color: 3 Color Plug in

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Elevate The Atmosphere Of Any Room
Immerse yourself in the captivating spectacle of the Luminorth Cube.

Our Cube doesn’t just provide illumination, it enhances your space with breathtaking colors, elegant light movements, and serene beauty.

With the Luminorth Cube, every moment at home becomes a magical experience.

Luminorth Cube
A Soothing Experience
Discover the calming effect of Luminorth light, right in your own living space.

Feel the soothing effect of the light’s gentle movements and calming colors, perfect for melting away stress and anxiety.

Turn your home into a haven of tranquility, promoting wellbeing and relaxation.

Luminorth Cube
Ease Into Sleep Effortlessly
More than just a lamp, the Cube is a companion for your nighttime routine.

With its dim mode specifically designed for bedrooms, it creates a soothing environment perfect for unwinding.

Experience a new level of tranquility in your nightly routine.

Luminorth Cube
The Luminorth Package
Control your Luminorth Cube with ease using the remote to change colors and modes.
1 Unified Control: One remote can command multiple lamps for simplicity.

1 USB Charging: Plug and charge with the included USB cable for convenience.

4-Hour Battery Life: Use the Cube either plugged in or on battery.

Luminorth Cubea

1. Unique Design: There is a rotating light sheet inside the water pattern night light. After turning on the light, it can create a dynamic water ripple light and shadow atmos effect, like water patterns and fireworks.
2. Beautiful Appearance: The water pattern design gives people a sparkling feeling. The water pattern lamp is an exquisite artwork during the day. It is full of atmosph after turning on the light at night night light.
3. Perfect Decoration: This is an item that can be used as a table lamp as well as a beautiful decoration. Water pattern lamp is suitable for living room, bedroom, office, study and other places. It is also suitable as a home gift for friends.
4.Table Lamp: Rotating water ripple night light can break the traditional static atmos. Ordinary and boring life requires a warm atmos.
5. Small Size: The dynamic water ripple projector night light is small in size, does not occupy an area, and saves space.

Product Material: Acrylic

Luminorth CubeLuminorth CubeLuminorth CubeLuminorth CubeLuminorth CubeLuminorth Cube

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