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LUX Premier Heater

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Color: Black Fan Heater

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LUX Premier Heater 2024

For some homeowners, what they’re looking for is something small – and basic that can serve in a tiny space and is portable enough to easily move from room to room and can even be moved to work, or when traveling, carried along to be used at the hotel – just in case.

If these are your heating needs, come this winter, then, the LUX Premier Heater will be a smart choice and will, by and large, be enough to keep you warm in your room or space without burning a hole in your wallet.

 MPG Premier Heater


With the help of the PTC plate, LUX Premier Heater can generate heat within a few seconds of turning it on. The plate generates heat efficiently and quickly. It can oscillate 90°. The noise output is just 45 DB. You will not be disturbed when you’re using it in the room.

Moreover, there are three different modes available. You can even select the natural air mode to use during the summer. Thus, this is not a heater that is exclusive to the winter season. With the dimensions of 13.5×13.5×20.5cm, you will be able to move it around as per your requirement.

LUX Premier Heater has a tip-over safety feature and the overheat protection feature. It is suitable for offices as well as homes. With a weight of just 2.43 lbs(1.1kg), you can carry it around wherever you go. It has a handle on the design. As a result, when you’re looking for a portable electric heater, you can consider this option.

 MPG Premier Heater

MPG Premier Heater

  • 【2s Quick Heat-up, Non-Light Pollution】The personal Space Heater has a built-in PTC Plate, it can immediately send heating within 2 seconds. Compare with other resistance wire heaters, our PTC heater would not turn red.
  • Quiet & 90°Oscillation】This Portable Electric Heater works quietly at 45 dB will not disturb your sleeping, reading, working, and so on. Touch the swing button top of the heater, it will oscillate and send air from side to side at an angle of 90° degree.
  • 3 Modes for 4 Seasons, Hot & Natural Wind】The desktop space heater is a built-in fan combo. There are 3 output options. 950W--high heating, 800W --soft heating & 3.5W --natural wind. it is suitable for winter and summer.
  • Dual Safety Protection】When it overheats or tips over, it will be automatically shut off to ensure safety.
  • Mini Size with Carrying Handle】The mini space heater is portable size: 13.5×13.5×20.5cm and its weight is only 2.43lb (1.1kg), it has a built-in carrying handle to be taken.

MPG Premier Heater

Product Feature :

  • PTC plate
  • Noise output of just 45 DB
  • Quick heat generation
  • 90° wide angle warmth
  • Small dimensions
  • Built-in handle
  • Safety features incorporated
  • Versatile
  • Light weight
  • Simple design - touch button
  • Dump automatic power off

Product Specification:

Product power: 950W
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated frequency: 60HZ
Heating method: PTC ceramic heating
Color: White/Black
Net weight: 1100g

MPG Premier HeaterMPG Premier HeaterMPG Premier HeaterMPG Premier HeaterMPG Premier HeaterMPG Premier HeaterMPG Premier HeaterMPG Premier HeaterMPG Premier HeaterMPG Premier HeaterMPG Premier HeaterMPG Premier HeaterMPG Premier HeaterMPG Premier Heater


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