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Revolutionize Your Mobile Videography with MagneView Magnetic Mount

Introducing MagneView Magnetic Mount, the ultimate accessory for immersive POV shots and dynamic mobile filmmaking. Designed for the tech-savvy and creative smartphone user, MagneView Magnetic Mount combines innovation, functionality, and sleek design to elevate your filming experience.

Key Features:

  1. Innovative Magnetic Quick-Release System:
    • MagneView Magnetic Mount features a cutting-edge magnetic neck mount, tailored for smartphones. Its quick-release mechanism allows for instant attachment, ensuring you’re always ready to capture life’s moments.
  2. Robust Magnetic Attachment:
    • Outfitted with 16 powerful neodymium magnets, MagneView Magnetic Mount offers a secure and steadfast grip, exceeding the standards of typical car mounts. Ideal for outdoor adventures or active shooting scenarios, your phone remains securely in place.
  3. Elegant, Minimalist Design:
    • The sleek alloy rod design of MagneView Magnetic Mount eliminates the need for bulky adapters, offering a streamlined and stylish look that complements any outfit.
  4. Shock-Absorbing Comfort:
    • Large air cushions at the base provide shock absorption, enhancing comfort and reducing the impact of movement. Designed for extended wear, MagneView Magnetic Mount ensures a comfortable filming experience.
  5. Stability and Precision:
    • Engineered with 10,000 axis rotations, the reinforced damping pivot guarantees stable, shake-free footage, even during light movements.
  6. Versatile Shooting Modes:
    • MagneView Magnetic Mount caters to diverse filming needs, supporting landscape, portrait, overhead, and low-angle shots, making it a favorite among short video content creators.
  7. Durable Triple-Layer Structure:
    • A stainless steel gooseneck core, encased in solid aluminum for support, and wrapped in a skin-friendly silicone exterior, MagneView Magnetic Mount is both strong and comfortable.
  8. Effortless Operation:
    • The quick-release button switch simplifies the mounting process, making it user-friendly and efficient.
  9. Compatibility:
    • Designed for iPhone 12/13/14/15 models for use without a case or with magnetic cases. For Android devices, attach the included magnetic piece inside a case or use cases with magnetic rings.

Safety Note: 

When using the magnetic piece, select a smooth and slim phone case, and affix the magnetic piece inside the case to avoid detachment risk due to the strong magnetic force between the magnetic piece and the neck holder.

*When installing externally, please follow the green signs to remove the phone

Package include:

Magnetic neck mount *1

Magnetic piece*1

Instruction manual*1

Cleaning kit*1

Anti-lost rope*1.


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