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“... I would never use any other toothbrush! Not only does it keep my teeth healthy, but I can now customize my brushing however I want.”

 Do you want to have shiny & healthy teeth and get rid of all plaque and tartar without being too aggressive on your gums? Osmo MaxClean uses innovative sonic technology to get rid of any small food remnants that feel stuck between your teeth without causing gum inflammation. With 5 brushing modes, it’s perfectly safe for implants and sensitive teeth and you can enjoy a healthier and glossier smile.

Powerful magnetic motor has a frequency of 31,000 VPM which makes it far more efficient than your regular toothbrush.  Long lasting battery and smart brush reminder makes using MaxClean even more convenient. It's time to say goodbye to bad breath and bacteria that’s ruining your smile.

5 brushing modes & additional head
Innovative sonic technology
Gentle on your gums
Long-lasting battery
Timer for better and efficient brushing



Safe for braces and implants

Soft nylon bristles for extra comfort

Long-lasting battery

IPX7 waterproof

Smart Timer

31,000 vibrations per minute


The Science Behind Our Innovative Sonic Technology

MaxClean uses innovative sonic technology to ensure efficient cleaning of your teeth and easily reach all the hidden areas that the average toothbrush can’t clean.

With over 31,000 vibrations per minute and soft nylon bristles that are gentle on braces and dental restorations, MaxClean quickly became customers’ favorite choice.

SmartTimer reminds you to follow the dentist-recommended routine for cleaning your teeth and making a habit out of it.

It’s time to say goodbye to all the hidden plaque and tartar between your teeth.



More about MaxClean

Enjoy a healthier and glossier smile: It’s proven that electric toothbrushes are far more efficient in removing plaque and givingits than regular ones.
31,000 vibrations per minute: MaxClean has a powerful magnetic motor with over 500 vibrations every second ensuring there’s no food left between your teeth.
Soft on your gums: No matter if you have braces, dental restorations, or sensitive gums, MaxClean uses soft nylon bristles to avoid any inflammation.
Impressive battery life: When it’s fully charged, MaxClean can work for 21 days without the need of charging it.
Take it with you anywhere: Besides the fact you can take it with you under the shower, you also receive a travel case, so you can keep your teeth healthy and protected at all times.




Sonic Electric Toothbrush Smart Toothbrush Ultrasonic Automatic Toothbrush USB Wireless Charging Adult Waterproof  tooth brush S100
Main Features

● High cleaning frequency: max 39600 times/min
● Help to improve scientific brushing habit: automatically stopped for 0.5 second every 30 seconds,
and automatically turn off while reaching 2 minutes ( a suggested the best brushing period )
● Round brushing head + Dupond bristles : avoid hurt, deep cleaning includes dead corner
● IPX7 full body waterproof level for direct washing
● About 60 days duration ( 2min/time, 2 times every day )
● Two-buttons design: one to choose cleaning modes, another to choose strength modes.
● 5 cleaning modes: Clean, Sensitive, Massage,White,Polish

● Wireless Charging 
● Charging time: within 10 hours
● Package weight:550g




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