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Color: Y30--pink

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MPG Buds (Latest Dual Technology of Wireless Earbuds)

✔️   Built-In Sports Ergonomic Design

✔️   Smart Intelligent Touch Control

✔️   Latest Wireless Dual Technology

✔️   Strong Battery Life

✔️   Noise Reduction

✔️   IPX6 Waterproof

✔️   Superior Sound Quality

✔️   One-Step & Stable Pairing

MPG Buds

MPG Buds is the most updated earbuds on the market. It has noise cancellation, outstanding sound quality, a built-in sports secure fit, IPX6 waterproofing, powerful bass amplification, and an extremely long battery life. Whether you plan to use them while exercising, studying, unwinding, or watching a movie, they will provide you with the greatest sound experience.

The availability of wire-free earphones has increased dramatically in recent years. Trying to figure out which earphones are best for you? What about a pair of truly wireless earbuds that can satisfy all of your wants and needs?

MPG Buds also uses the most recent wireless dual technology, allowing you to link it individually, which means you may use the right and left earbuds separately. The earbuds' superior tail hook design ensures that you may wear them and won't drop them even when playing in intense sports.


MPG Buds Amazing Features: 


✔️ Built-In Sports Ergonomic Design

With the earbuds' excellent tail hook ergonomic design, you may wear them and not worry about them falling out when participating in high-intensity sports activities. Even after a lengthy period of wear, still able to maintain a high level of comfort.

✔️ Smart Intelligent Touch Control

Upgraded intelligent touch control. You can simply skip a song, answer calls, play, pause, and deny calls with a gentle tap on it.

✔️ Latest Wireless Dual Technology

You can link MPG Buds individually, which means you may use the right and left earbuds separately.

✔️ Strong Battery Life

450 mAH charging case battery capacity

55 mAH earbuds battery capacity

✔️ Noise Reduction

Sound capture and clarity are improved by optimizing acoustic cavity optimization on the rear of the composite diaphragm unit.

✔️ IPX6 Waterproof

The high-strength waterproof barrier design effectively prevents water splashes from damaging the component.

✔️ Superior Sound Quality

The highs and lows of the MPG Buds are crystal clear, and the bass is amplified to a great extent.

✔️ One-Step & Stable Pairing

The MPG Buds works with a wide range of devices, including iOS and Android. You can quickly connect your headphones to any phone, regardless of brand.

Compatible with almost all Bluetooth devices, from iOS, Android, and Windows.



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