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MPG USB Charging Fan Cap

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Looking For a Cap to Shield You From The Sun & a Fan to Keep You Cool?

Because of the humid climate, especially throughout the summer. It's easier said than done to stay fresh. We rely on caps and handheld fans to keep us cool during our travel because sticky sweat droplets seem to be unavoidable.

The good news is that this product has the potential to significantly reduce your problem. The MPG USB Charging Fan Cap, a combination of a cap and a fan that will keep you cool while sheltering you from the sun.

Isn't this a fantastic product? You will receive two benefits for the price of one product. We bet this MPG USB Charging Fan Cap will be a lifesaver on excruciatingly hot days. 🧢  ☀️

MPG USB Charging Fan Cap 

MPG USB Charging Fan Cap (A fan cap to conquer sweltering heat​)

MPG USB Charging Fan Cap seems to be an item that will become one of your essential gadget. Not only can it protect you from the heat of the sun, but the cool breeze could greatly reduce sweating in your face and neck.

While we’ll still be wearing face masks in the foreseeable future, at least this convenient device can help you beat the heat. Colors available include white and black. Hence, it's a multifunctional simple cap that will suit your everyday style.


MPG USB Charging Fan Cap

MPG USB Charging Fan Cap

7 Reasons You Need This Multifunctional Cap:

  Adjustable fan angle​

Depending on your preferences, you may easily alter the fan's angle. People will appreciate being able to adjust the fan's angle and turn it on or off with the touch of a button.

USB Charging Simple Operation

It can be charged by USB cable. There's no need to worry about the cap running out of battery because it can be charged using any USB port, such as a power bank.

MPG USB Charging Fan Cap

  The Fan Is Firmly Fixed, Safe to Use

The fan is attached to the cap, and the small fan has a shell design so you can enjoy the air without worrying about the fan hurting your eyes or face

  3-speed Wind Speed Design

MPG USB Charging Fan Cap comes with 3 different types of wind speeds to meet your desire needs. The first wind speed is as gentle and relaxing as a hand-held fan. The second breeze is gentle but powerful, cold but not stuffy. The third wind speed is powerful and chilly, refreshing and cool right away. 

MPG USB Charging Fan Cap

  Perfect Cotton Material

The super soft fabric feels great on your skin and absorbs sweat without causing irritation. During the scorching summer months. Allowing perspiration to impair your pleasant mood is no longer an option. It not only lets you to block the harsh sunlight, but it also allows you to enjoy your own personal breezes throughout the hot summer months.


  Best Gift For The Summer

MPG USB Charging Fan Cap is suitable for outdoor work and activities, Playing baseball, fishing, cycling, hiking, walking, golfing, etc. Bring you a cool summer.

MPG USB Charging Fan Cap

  Keep cool in our warm weather​

Because our weather is usually hot, you might want to store up on MPG USB Charging Fan Caps for yourself and your family. When you're walking to work or attending a meeting, this device will keeping you look fresh.


MPG USB Charging Fan Cap

1. Quality: Made of high-quality environmentally friendly cotton material, flocking. It is soft to touch, breathable, not stuffy, durable, comfortable and light.
2. Breathable and soft: The soft fan blades can improve safety and will not hurt your hands. The wind intensity can be adjusted to bring cool breeze in summer.
3. Adjustable: The fan cap is fixed with a unique hook and loop fastener, which can keep you cool in the sun and easily adjust the size according to your needs. You can use it with confidence, and quickly cool down your face after or during exercise.
4. Unisex USB charging: Built-in 600mAh and 14500 lithium battery design, saving energy, environmental protection, and long service life. It can be charged via USB, charging for 2 hours and using for 3 hours.
5. The most suitable size for most people: This is the perfect gift for family and friends. It is suitable for traveling, fishing, climbing, playing golf, gathering in the square, watching drama, watching football matches and other outdoor activities.

Product Type: Fan Cap
Material: Cotton
Color: Pink, white, black
Wind speed transmission: Third gears
Working mode: Mechanical
Cruise control: Third gears
Nominal voltage: 5V
Nominal power: 3W
Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
Power supply mode: 14500 lithium battery 600 mA
Built-in battery capacity: 600 mA
Life: 1-3 hours
Charging time: 1-2 hours
Noise: 36 dB or less
Fan blade diameter: Product size: 34 * 17 * 14cm
Adjust head circumference: About 58 cm
Function: Sunshade, three-speed wind, cool and breathable, heat dissipation

Packing list

1 * Fan Cap
1 * USB Cable

MPG USB Charging Fan Cap
MPG USB Charging Fan Cap
MPG USB Charging Fan Cap

MPG USB Charging Fan Cap
MPG USB Charging Fan Cap
MPG USB Charging Fan CapMPG USB Charging Fan CapMPG USB Charging Fan CapMPG USB Charging Fan CapMPG USB Charging Fan CapMPG USB Charging Fan CapMPG USB Charging Fan CapMPG USB Charging Fan Cap

The other style 
MPG USB Charging Fan Cap


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