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"... love it! I've used it for deep moisturizing and it really opens up my pores before my skincare routine."

Do you want to experience the full benefits of your skincare routine and

have an overall softer and cleaner skin? Osmo NanoCare uses innovative

NanoPlus technology combined with ionic water particles which are up to

10x more effective than basic hot water steamers. You can adjust the

direction of steam to target any specific area on your face.

One-touch operation makes everything even more simple as you just

have to turn it on and you can experience the full benefits of your skincare routine.

Whether you're looking to minimize pores, remove blackheads, or avoid

dry skin - NanoCare will be your helping hand. You can experience

salon-type treatment from the comfort of your home.

Innovative NanoPlus+ technology
Suitable for any skin type
Adjustable direction for extra comfort
Ultra-quiet operation
Made out of BPA-free material


One-touch operation

Spa treatment at home

Only 5 minutes a day

Makes your skincare routine more effective

Can help with headache and nasal congestion

Suitable for any skin type



The Science Behind Our Innovative NanoPlus+ Technology
Osmo NanoCare uses innovative NanoPlus+ technology combined

with ionic water particles that are 10x more effective than average hot water steamers.

You only have to use it 5 minutes each day to clear and soften your

skin while preparing it for your skincare routine.Unlike other facial steamers,

NanoCare is made out of BPA-free material and it doesn’t contain any harmful plastic.

NanoCare is your best friend when it comes to unclogging your pores,

removing blackheads, or keeping your skin clear and healthy.

More about Osmo NanoCare
Experience full benefits of skincare: You can now prepare your skin for your skincare routine and experience the full benefits of it.
No noise at all: Unlike other facial steamers, NanoCare doesn’t produce any buzzing or irritating noise.
Can be applied everywhere: Most of our customers say that it helps them with cough and nasal congestion.
One-touch operation: No heavy machines or hard-to-follow guides, simply plug it in and press the power button.
BPA-free material: We’re proud to say that NanoCare is 100% BPA-free without any harmful plastics or chemicals.


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