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The GloGesture - Led Hand Sign

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  • Battery Powered
  • Remote Controlled
  • Brightness Auto Adjusts
  • High Quality


GloGesture – Led Hand Sign

  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: GloGesture – Led Hand Sign (batteries not included) and remote (batteries not included) with attached 3M Velcro Adhesive Strips.
  • Size: 6 x 4.7 x 1 in
  • Weight: 0.44 lb
  • Material: Plastic
  • Controller channel: 433 MHz
  • 3 X AA batteries required to operate sign. *not included*
  • 23A 12V remote control battery *battery not included*

The Ultimate LED Hand GestureLight

Make a bold statement on the road with the GloGesture, the ultimate LED hand gesture light! This attention-grabbing accessory combines style, attitude, and illumination to give your vehicle an edgy and unforgettable look. The GloGesture effortlessly attaches to your car’s back window, transforming the back of your vehicle into a captivating display of rebellion. The iconic finger poses take center stage, enhanced by vibrant LED lights that create a striking visual effect. IMG 7911 2aea70dd 8340 4590 b5e8

Express Your Attitude with GloGesture

With its simple and intuitive switch, you have full control over the lighting effects. Choose from a range of vibrant hand motionsto safely communicate and grab everyone’s attention.

Our RF (Radio Frequency) remote is built to be FCC compliant and istested to work within 50 feet of the GloGesture device.

Automatic Brightness Adjustment

The GloGesture light automatically adjusts its own brightness based on brightness outside. During the day, the

The GloGesture shines BRIGHT. At night, GloGesture is DIM so you are not a distraction.

Light turns on for 4 seconds once triggered by the wireless remote.

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Extended Battery Life

The GloGesture has been programmed to last 3 – 3.5 MONTHS without needing to change the batteries!

The GloGesture requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

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Adjusting Brightness – Why It Matters

The GloGesture recognizes the difference between night and day and adjusts its brightness accordingly. We noticed that it is very difficult to see lights during the day. Think about it, if someone shines a flashlight at you on a sunny day, would you notice? How about at night?

We cranked up the brightness of GloGesture so the light is visible during the day and reduced the brightness of GloGesture so that the light is not blinding or distracting at night. This is achieved through a light sensor on the front of the

GloGesture that automatically triggers the required brightness setting based on the brightness outside.

Style Combined for a Standout Ride

GloGesture is more than just a stylish addition to your vehicle. It also enhances safety by improving your car’s visibility on the road.

Stand out from the crowd and ensure that others take notice, whether you’re driving in the daylight or cruising under the stars. With its durable construction and high-quality adhesive.

GloGesture stays securely in place, even during high speeds and various weather conditions. Join the trendsetters and let your car do the talking with GloGesture‘s rebellious spirit on wheels!

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Note: The GloGesture is available exclusively online. Limited stock is available, so secure yours now and make your ride unforgettable!


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