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One Device, 4 Settings, Unlimited Uses

The Power Of ONYX

  • Boost Hair Growth
  • Heal Damaged Follicles
  • Nourish Hair
  • Sooth Scalp

Struggling With Hair Loss & Thinning?

Here’s How Onyx Can Help


Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy boosts blood flow, drawing the vital nutrients needed to your roots. This energizes your dormant follicles.

Boosting hair growth by 200%.


Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy kills harmful bacteria on the scalp, healing damaged follicles. This allows once damaged, dying hairs to flourish.

Reversing your hair loss.

How Long Until I See Results?

Month 1

  • Activate

Set the stage for new hair growth. During this phase you are healing once damaged follicles while stimulating new follicles to bloom!

Month 2

  • Stimulate

See small baby hairs blooming. Slowly covering your once thinning areas/bald spots.

Months 3-4

  • Regrow

Thinning areas will be a thing of the past. With improved hair density, length and scalp coverage.

How To Use


  1. Turn Onyx on and select the Red Laser setting. Brush hair for 4 minutes on the designated areas you would like to treat.
  2. Select the Blue Laser setting. Brush hair for 4 minutes on the designated areas you would like to treat.
  3. Enhance your Onyx treatment by adding the massage & oil diffusion mode while brushing!


Single Investment =Unlimited Treatments

Like most professional hair treatments, clinics require regular sessions to maintain results.

For the price of ONE in-clinic session, you enjoy unlimited treatments forever.

Treat your hair in only 10 minutes, wherever and whenever you’d like! Professional quality results at a fraction of the cost…

If you don’t have a positive experience for any reason, contact us any time and we will help you out.
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