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Osmo Heated Socks


Color: Black double-sided

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"... The fabric is luxuriously soft. Keeps slippered feet warm.

I work construction and this is the only thing that helped

keep my feet warm."


Introducing Osmo Heated Socks, your ultimate solution to

conquering chilly days with comfort and style. These innovative

heated socks are designed to keep your feet warm throughout the day,

making them a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, winter sports lovers,

and anyone seeking cozy warmth in cold weather.

Our Osmo Heated Socks boast adjustable heat settings,

ensuring you can tailor the warmth to your liking.

With rechargeable batteries, you'll enjoy hours of toasty comfort,

while the moisture-wicking fabric guarantees dryness.

Say goodbye to cold feet and hello to comfort and warmth,

whether you're hiking, skiing, or just braving the winter chill.

Elevate your outdoor adventures with Osmo Heated Socks!


All-day warmth with adjustable settings.
Rechargeable batteries for convenience.
Moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet dry.
Cozy and snug fit for comfort.
Ideal for outdoor activities in cold weather.


Why Osmo Heated Socks stands out

Adjustable heat settings.

Quick heat-Up

Long-lasting battery life.

Machine washable

The Science Behind our Innovative Heating Elements

Osmo Heated Socks stand out among competitors due to their thoughtful design and reliable warmth. Our socks feature adjustable heat settings, ensuring your feet stay comfortable in any weather. 

The moisture-wicking fabric adds to the appeal, keeping your feet dry during outdoor activities. Whether you're exploring the outdoors or need extra warmth in daily life,Osmo Heated Socks deliver unmatched comfort, convenience, and style.



More information about Osmo Heated Socks

Stay Warm: Osmo Heated Socks provide warmth to keep your feet cozy and comfortable in colder weather, making them perfect for outdoor activities during winter.

Adjustable Temperature: These socks offer adjustable heating levels, allowing you to customize your comfort and regulate warmth based on your preference and the weather conditions.

Enhanced Circulation: With the heating element, Osmo Heated Socks promote blood circulation, which can help alleviate cold feet and provide relief for individuals with poor circulation.

Long-lasting Battery Life: The socks come with rechargeable batteries that provide extended heating time, allowing you to enjoy warmth for more extended periods without interruption.

Versatile Use: Osmo Heated Socks are suitable for various activities, such as hiking, skiing, hunting, or simply for daily use during the winter, ensuring warmth and comfort in any cold environment.




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