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Osmo MiniCam - Infi

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Osmo MiniCam - Infi


"This little camera works better than I had hoped it would. It has crystal clear view and I can see if my kids are playing in the yard or studying as they should."

Do you want to ensure everything is okay even when you're not at home including checking on your nanny, checking on repairman, or simply detecting any unusual behavior such as stealing? Osmo MiniCam has a 1080P HD video and audio recording with a 140° wide-angle to ensure everything is captured on the video. Designed to blend into environments, this small hidden camera will stay unnoticeable and it doesn't have any flashing lights or indicators that it's recording.

Smart motion detection will automatically take a photo and send it to your phone if it detects any unusual movements or behavior. You can connect any smartphone and have a live view inside of your home even when being miles away. With enhanced night vision, you’ll have a crystal clear image even in the darkest settings. It’s extremely easy to set up and you’ll be ready within a few seconds to have full control over your home.

Osmo MiniCam - Infi



140° wide-angle coverage

Osmo MiniCam - Infi



Audio & video recording

Osmo MiniCam - Infi



Crystal clear view even when lights are off

Osmo MiniCam - Infi

Watch everything through your smartphone

 The Science Behind Our Smart Motion Detection Technology

Osmo MiniCam uses innovative smart motion detection technology to instantly capture any unusual or aggressive behavior.

Additionally, it will alert you of any suspicious human movements during the night - for example in your children’s room.

You can watch and listen to everything through your smartphone and it automatically saves on the SD card for evidence.

Family safety is always number one priority.

 Osmo MiniCam - Infi


More about Osmo MiniCam

1080p HD loop recording: Both audio and video will be recorded and automatically saved, so you can always have evidence or rewatch it.
No lights or visible signs: MiniCam doesn’t use visible infrared lights when recording and it’s completely safe and unnoticeable.
Smart motion detection: You’ll be notified if any suspicious activity or aggressive human movement is detected.
Watch everything from your phone: No matter how far you are from your home, you can still watch everything from your phone.
No difficult settings: Unlike other hidden cameras, you just need to turn on MiniCam and connect your phone to it.


Osmo MiniCam - Infi


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- 720 Full Brings You A
Different Experience. This wireless IP camera lets you view real-time
what's happening inside your home or office even while you're away on a
vacation or a quick business trip. The remote view can be accessed via
the cellphone

- This wireless IP
camera can work on WiFi (2.4GHz WiFi only) or No WiFi. When it works on
No WiFi, insert a TF card (TF card not include) and turn on, the camera
will recording and saves the video files to the SD card (SD card not

- Night vision &
alarm push, those functions are the basis for this indoor security
camera. You can not only see things in the dark

- This small camera
bathroom has a built-in magnet, can work well with any iron material,
easily place anywhere. This small camera with a rigid charging cable and
base, when charging while recording, you can manually rotate the
recording angle 360 degrees.


Material: Aluminium alloy
Size: 5*4.5*4.5cm
Color: black/white
Resolution Ratio: 720P
Video Format: AVI
Memory Card Type: support TF card up to 128GB, (TF is not included)
Compressed Format: H.264
APP Support: Android/iOS
Battery working time: 30 minutes
Support Night version? yes
Wifi controlled by Cellphone or computer
How To Use
Press the ON/OFF button about 3 seconds to turn on the camera.
Find and connect the camera wifi hotspot in your phone WLAN setting. Or, scan the camera QR Code and connect your home 2.4GHz wifi in the App Settings-WiFi Config.

Watch the live video.
If you want to save the video, format the TF card before using it.

Package Included:

1*mini camera

1*charging cable(Extended version)

1*adjustable support

1*English manual


Osmo MiniCam - InfiOsmo MiniCam - InfiOsmo MiniCam - InfiOsmo MiniCam - InfiOsmo MiniCam - InfiOsmo MiniCam - InfiOsmo MiniCam - InfiOsmo MiniCam - Infi



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