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Osmo SkyWave


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"... I love that this inexpensive light can bring so much joy. I turn it on at night and fall asleep to this light."

Osmo SkyWave

Introducing SkyWave, the ultimate space projector that brings the wonders of the universe into your home. Prepare to be mesmerized by a stunning display of stars, galaxies and nebulae that creates a mesmerizing atmosphere like no other. With multiple color modes and adjustable brightness and speed, you can create the perfect cosmic atmosphere to match your mood and preferences.

Experience a sensory journey as the built-in Bluetooth speaker fills the room with your favorite music and harmonizes with the space display. The convenient remote gives you full control of the SkyWave from anywhere in the room. This allows you to effortlessly adjust settings and create your desired galactic experience. Transform any room into a celestial oasis and treat yourself to relaxation, meditation or awe-inspiring visual stimulation. Beautify your home and spark your imagination with the SkyWave Space Projector, your personal gateway to a world beyond the stars.

Top Rated Galaxy Star Projector

Breathtaking galaxy projection over the whole room
Professional realistic visual effects
Brightness and speed adjustable
Built-in Bluetooth speaker
May help to fall asleep faster

Fascinating space spectacle

Adjustable brightness and speed

Portable and lightweight

Remote control for easier operation

Built-in Bluetooth speaker

Whole room coverage

The Technology Behind our Realistic Visual Effects

The SkyWave space projector stands out from other projectors with its realistic visual effects that provide an incomparably intense galactic experience.

The wide coverage area and easy remote control operation further enhance its appeal, allowing users to effortlessly create a captivating cosmic ambience.

With its mesmerizing cosmic display and versatility for different occasions, the SkyWave is a unique and impressive solution to enhance your space and create a truly enchanting environment.


Osmo SkyWave

More about the SkyWave
Relaxing & Cozy Nights: Create a calming and relaxing environment with the SkyWave Space Projector, perfect for relaxing, meditating or creating a soothing atmosphere.
Realistic visual experience: Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing space projection that brings the wonders of the universe into your home and inspires your imagination and awe.
Customizable Atmosphere: Adjust the brightness, color modes and projection angle to suit your mood or create the perfect cosmic environment for any occasion.
Play any music you want: Enhance your cosmic experience with the built-in speaker that lets you enjoy your favorite music or soothing sounds in sync with the captivating visual display.
Versatile applications: The SkyWave is not only a visual delight, but also serves as a night light, home decoration or a unique focal point for parties and events, adding a touch of magic to any space.


Osmo SkyWave


Osmo SkyWaveOsmo SkyWaveOsmo SkyWaveOsmo SkyWaveOsmo SkyWaveOsmo SkyWaveOsmo SkyWaveOsmo SkyWaveOsmo SkyWave


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