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PolarAir Deluxe (Colder than AC)


Color: White

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Colder Than AC

PolarAir Deluxe (Colder than AC)

Experience instant temperature drop of -25C/-77F 

Humidifies The Room

Infusing the air with moisture to combat dryness and enhance the overall quality of the atmosphere

PolarAir Deluxe (Colder than AC)

Best In Market

Its a super cooler designed to surpass your cooling expectations

PolarAir Deluxe (Colder than AC)

Additional Benefits

LED Lights

Beat the heat and make your room or office light up

PolarAir Deluxe (Colder than AC)

Sleep Timer

1-3 hours configurable sleep timer, to avoid blowing cold for a long time

PolarAir Deluxe (Colder than AC)

Portable to Work

You can use it at home during night time or take it to work easily

PolarAir Deluxe (Colder than AC)

Our Reviews

Perfect for the summer

“It actually works really well and easy to use! Not loud at all and pretty cold! This will be perfect for the summer time. I’m excited to use it outdoors too for the kids sports. You do need a power adapter to turn it on if it’s outdoors.” – Wendy Cassar

PolarAir Deluxe (Colder than AC)

Great for personal use

“I don’t get much air in our upstairs home office and this does a great job at keeping my desk comfortable. The fan alone does a good job but having ice water in the tank is a nice upgrade. The lowest setting is the quietest and is a good amount of cold air for one person. My kids love the light color options.” – Jay M.

PolarAir Deluxe (Colder than AC)

Great Cooler

“I wasn’t expecting this to work as well as it does!! Blows super cool air and I love that you can change the different colors for mood lighting as well. Good as a small personal AC on your desk or something” – Sanjay

PolarAir Deluxe (Colder than AC)


Number of nozzles: 5 nozzles

Fan speed: 3-speed adjustment

Water Capacity: 600ml

Night light color: 7 colors adjustable

Timer: 1-3 hours

Output power: 5W

Input power: 2.0A

Product line length: 1.2m

Color: White/Black/Green

Product size: 26*21cm / 10.2*8.3 inch

PolarAir Deluxe (Colder than AC)

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