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Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box


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You’re never going to forget to take your medicines again!

  • It’s like having a nurse with you 24/7!
Many older individuals, on average, take between 9 and 11 pills at different times throughout the day.


That’s why Qinux Nisqa is incredibly helpful for organizing, storing, and remembering daily medication.

With Qinux Nisqa, pill organization is key to ensuring each dose is fair and precise, avoiding any confusion.

Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box
  • Forgetting your medications will be a thing of the past.

With the daily rush, remembering whether you gave a family member their pill or knowing if they took their medication can often be challenging.

The Qinux Nisqa is a great help for anyone who needs to keep a medication schedule, thanks to its 4 fully programmable alarms and its countdown timer.

The best part is that you can set the alarm once, and it will go off at the same time every day!

Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box

How to use it?

Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box

Put the pills in the compartments.

Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box

Turn it on and set your alarms.

Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box

And there you have it, you won’t forget to take your medications.

The best option on the market

  • Digital pill box

The best pill organizer!

  • Alarm

It will alert you with an alarm at the specified time for taking your medication, thus preventing forgetfulness and mistakes.

  • Medical use

This pillbox is made from 100% safe material for medical and daily use.

  • Small size

Its small size makes it very compact and easy to store, it can even fit in your pocket!

Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box

Hassle-free organization

Qinux Nisqa comes with various compartments, each identified by a unique color, making it easy and straightforward to organize your medications.

Moreover, it comes with 7 compartments for each day of the week, designed to hold up to 18 pills the size of an aspirin.

Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box
Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box

Main advantages:

It provides a clear guide on which medication to take and when to take it for each day of the week, thereby reducing the risk of errors in your medication intake.

You can set schedules for each day of the week to help you remember when to take your medications.

Its compact design and division into 7 compartments allow you to carry your medications with you.

Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box

“Did I take my pill today?” is a question you’ve surely asked yourself more than once. With age, it’s normal to forget certain things, but with medications, you have to be very careful!

Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box
  • Easier life

Thanks to its 7 compartments, you can organize your pills daily.

Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box
  • No more forgetfulness

Accurate reminders to take your pills on time

Qinux Nisqa – Pill Box
  • Programmable

Intuitive panel for scheduling alarms and reminders for each medication

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