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High Quality Controllers


Ergonomic Comfort

RetroPad features an ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable grip during extended play sessions.

Immersive Haptic Feedback

Experience gaming like never before with advanced haptic feedback, enhancing immersion and responsiveness.

Precise Control

Achieve unparalleled precision in your gaming with adaptive triggers, offering a heightened level of control.

Wireless Connectivity

Enjoy the freedom of wireless gaming with RetroPad, providing convenient connectivity for an enhanced gaming experience.

60,000+ Available Games!

Relive the golden era of gaming with a treasure trove of classic, retro titles. Each game invites you on a journey back in time, offering endless hours of nostalgic bliss.


Premium Design

We’ve strategically partnered with industry-leading manufacturers to meticulously engineer RetroPad, ensuring it not only meets but exceeds the pinnacle of quality and innovation in gaming technology. This collaborative effort guarantees a product of unparalleled excellence, promising a gaming experience that is both cutting-edge and unmatched.


Choose From All The Classics!

Retro Library

Dive into the golden era of gaming with RetroPad and choose from an extensive collection of classic titles. Experience the nostalgia of timeless gems and explore the rich history of gaming right at your fingertips.


Versatile Classics

Enjoy the freedom to choose from a wide array of classic games spanning various genres. Whether you’re a fan of platformers, RPGs, or arcade classics, the versatility of RetroPad ensures you have the perfect gaming selection for every mood.

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