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RoverGuard – Hard Bottom Seat Cover

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Color: Black

Size: 152x143cm


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Easily allow more space for your dogs with a hard bottom cover design

  • eases travel anxiety & stress
  • fit’s all cars, trucks & SUV’s
  • waterproof & scratch-resistant

Prevent travel anxiety and stress

Dogs can experience significant anxiety and stress when traveling due to being placed in an unfamiliar environment that they find threatening, such as tight car spaces.

The RoverGuard is built to be spacious enough for them to maneuver with ease, allowing them to feel more safe and secure while traveling, easing their worries and anxiety

Effortlessly keep your car clean

Having to clean up dog hair and drool from your car can be frustrating, especially when they scratch the new car seat covers causing permanent damage to the material.

The RoverGuard is 100% waterproof and scratch-resistant so that all your dog’s dog hair and drool can stay inside the cover at all times and not ruin your car seats

Advanced hard bottom design

The RoverGuard stands out with its advanced design, featuring 4 layers of high-quality materials. These layers comprise a non-slip bottom, dual sponge layers, reinforced load-bearing plates, and a waterproof Oxford fabric exterior.

Improved the lives of 22,346+ dog owners

The RoverGuard helps keeps dogs and dog parent’s happy

RoverGuard – hard bottom seat cover

Here’s what people had to say…

  • 96%: Noticed that their dog loved going on car rides since installing the RoverGuard
  • 90%: Noticed less dog hairs and muddy paw stains on their back seats
  • 89%: Noticed that their dog had significantly more space to move around with the RoverGuard installed

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