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Smart Frame - Lux

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Smart Frame- Lux

"...Fabulous gift for the office, especially if you have long distance kids/grandkids. Imagine having a bad day at work and then a great pic of your grandkid pops up … day saved.."


Introducing the Osmo Smart Frame, your gateway to a world of treasured memories brought to life! This cutting-edge digital picture frame is designed to delight your senses and simplify your photo-sharing experience. With its high-resolution display, your photos will shine with vibrant clarity, bringing each cherished moment to life in stunning detail.

Connecting with your loved ones has never been easier – the Osmo Smart Frame seamlessly syncs with your favorite photo-sharing platforms and cloud services, ensuring that your frame is always filled with the latest snapshots from family and friends, no matter where they are in the world. Its user-friendly touchscreen interface lets you customize slideshows and settings effortlessly, while the included remote control ensures that you can manage your memories from the comfort of your favorite chair. Choose from a range of elegant frame styles to match your decor perfectly, making the Osmo Smart Frame the ideal centerpiece for any room. Elevate your living space with this exceptional digital frame and relive your fondest moments, one beautiful picture at a time.


Why Smart Frame stands out

Stunning, lifelike image quality.
Easily sync photos from anywhere.
Simple navigation and customization.
Manage settings from a distance.
Choose a design that complements your decor.


High-resolution display

Smart Frame- Lux



Wi-Fi connectivity 

Smart Frame- Lux



Touchscreen interface

Smart Frame- Lux



Calendar and clock display 

Smart Frame- Lux

The Science Behind our Innovative Image Quality

Elevate your cherished moments with the Osmo Smart Frame, a picture frame redefined. What sets us apart? It's the seamless blend of cutting-edge technology, striking design, and simplicity. The frame's auto-rotate feature ensures your photos are always perfectly displayed.

 It's compatible with multiple devices and offers easy access, turning it into a family hub. With crystal-clear image quality and intuitive control, it transforms your space into an ever-changing gallery.

Elevate your decor and memories simultaneously, creating an experience that goes beyond traditional picture frames.


 Smart Frame- Lux

More information about 
Osmo Smart Frame

 【Preserve Priceless Memories: The Osmo Smart Frame safeguards your cherished moments, creating a dynamic digital gallery that keeps precious memories alive, displaying them in vivid detail for generations to come.

Effortless Photo Sharing: Seamlessly share photos with family and friends worldwide through cloud services and social media, bringing people together by updating your frame with the latest snapshots from your loved ones.

Stunning Visual Experience: The Osmo Smart Frame's high-resolution display guarantees your photos are presented in breathtaking clarity, revealing intricate details and vibrant colors to captivate your senses.

Intuitive Touchscreen Control: Enjoy the convenience of customizing your photo slideshows and frame settings with ease, thanks to the user-friendly touchscreen interface, making it simple to curate your visual narratives.Versatile Decor Integration: Elevate your living space's aesthetics with an array of elegant frame styles, allowing you to match your digital frame seamlessly to your decor and transform any room into a personalized art gallery.


【Wireless Free Sharing Picture Video From Frameo App Anytime Anywhere】 RenearDigital Photo frame not only has the exquisite and nostalgic appearance design of the traditional photo frame, the function of lightness and random placement,but also completely changes the single display method of the traditional photo frame paper static photos.Our Wi-Fi photo frame can quickly update your life moments with your loved ones wherever you are.Your families and friends can share the moments to the frame

⋆ 10.1 Inch HD,1280*800 1080P IPS Touch Screen,32GB Built-in Storage The wooden frame design is fashionable and textured.10.1 in digital picture frame is featured with 800*1280 Resolution IPS touch screen which allows you to get a nice visual from any angle.Built-in 32GB memory empowers a huge capability of storage of over 80,000 photos on the digital photo frame. Supports uploading pictures in batches with the micro SD card (max 64GB) provide you more options for file storage and management

【EASY SETUP AND USE]]Easy Instant Photo And Video Sharing: Download"Frameo" app, set-up the frame on WiFi, Invite family friends to share photos and short videos. With The Removable Stand Bar, You can place it both landscape and portrait.The wall mount hole on the back,you can mount it to the wall.Anyone you choose can instantly share memories to your frame from anywhere.This electronic picture frame has many customized settings to meet all your needs, slideshow, timer, zoom,crop, sleep mode

【Digital Picture Frame Make Life Better】The photo frame make us contact more closely,Our parent or grandparents who doesn't know much about phone or other electronic products. If They Have The frames,everyone in the family could send pictures to the frame, they could see new photos and fun.They will get amazing stuff they’d probably never see. It’s kind of like social media for them ,They could get a different glimpse into their life ,they could see things they would otherwise never get to.


Renear Digital Picture Frame 32GB Digital Photo Frame Wifi 10.1 inch smart Electronic Picture Frames With Frameo App

Technical specifications:


Perfect Gifts For Your Family Or Friends】Perfect Gifts To Grandpa, Grandma ,Mother Days Gifts ,Birthday Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Graduation Ceremony Gifts, Christmas Present . Frameo Can Be A Life-changing New Way To Connect With Family Or friends, There is magical about seeing your most treasured photos in your home each day. All your precious and cherished moments can be displayed on the digital photo frame instead of just being locked inside your phone.
Screen size: 10.1 inch (16:10)

Resolution: 1280*800

Memory capacity : 32GB

Memory card supported: Micro SD card (Max 32GB, not included)

Available interface languages: Many

Image Format: JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG

Video Format: MP4, MKV, MOV, MPG, 3GP

Wi-Fi 2,4GHz

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US/EU Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.


Smart Frame- Lux


The Most Comforting Gift Of All

Frameo Wi-Fi Smart Photo Frame provides quick updates on the moments in your life with your loved ones, no matter where you are. It allows you to stay in close contact with your family.

Smart Frame- Lux

Large Memory

The built-in 32GB memory provides a huge storage capacity. It can store over 80,000 photos. Expandable SD card (up to 32GB) and Type-C hole can import or export photos.

Smart Frame- Lux

Bring back your precious memories with the 10.1-inch IPS HD display with 1280 * 800 resolution that stays sharp in any light.

Smart Frame- Lux

Flexible Placement


Place the frame as the way you like! Detachable solid rack as a frame stand and Auto-rotate function allows you to view the photos in either portrait or landscape mode.


Smart Frame- Lux


Multiple languages


We can change the language, since it supports many, namely German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovakian, Swedish, Vietnamese.

Smart Frame- Lux

Smart Frame- Lux


Easy to set up

Smart Frame- Lux

Smart Frame- Lux

Product diagram:

Smart Frame- Lux

Easy to use

Download the frameo app on Google play by searching for "Frameo" or App Store by searching for "Frameo"

Frameo Setup and Using Frameo:

1. Switch on the smart digital frame.

2. Connect the frame to 2.4G WiFi.

3. Install the “Frameo” APP on smartphone

4. Pair app with the frame by code

5. Start to share pictures and videos

Package Included:

1 x 10.1" Digital Photo frame

1 x gift box,

1 x power adapter

1 x Digital Picture Frame Stand

1 x Manual



1 digital photo frame does not have a battery and must be inserted into the original 5V adapter in the box.

2 digital photo frame supports Frameo software, and is free to transfer photos and videos with unlimited data. Only 10 photos and 3S 1080P short videos can be transferred at a time.

3 digital photo frame comes with RAM 1GB ROM 32GB, and the actual storage space is only 27GB.

4 Only use the original 5V adapter, not other power adapters, otherwise the digital photo frame will not boot and burn the motherboard


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