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SoloSoothe™ Massager

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How It Works

Discover the power of healing hands with our massager, inspired by professional masseuses. Its strategic ‘hands’ target tense neck areas, kneading out knots and discomfort, replicating the feel of a genuine human massage – your ultimate path to relaxation and well-being!

ComfyPro™ Neck & Shoulder Massager – ExtraHealthy


Melt Away Your Soreness & Knots For Good

Ever yearned for a skilled therapist’s touch to relieve neck and back tension? Now, experience expert-level relief at home with HealingHands – the Deep Tissue Neck Massager. It brings the expertise of seasoned professionals right to you, ensuring unparalleled comfort and relaxation.

Have you ever craved a soothing, deep massage at a spa or from your partner?
The SoloSoothe was created with your needs in focus.

Get instant relief from:
Tech Neck Discomfort
Muscle Knots and Stiffness
Tension Headaches
Neck Fatigue from Long Drives
Lower Back Strain
Muscle Spasms
Post-Workout Soreness
Sedentary Lifestyle Discomfort

Handsfree Bliss!
Thanks to its secure belt buckle, you can enjoy a relaxing massage without holding it in place, allowing you to unwind in complete peace and comfort.

Personalized Comfort
Experience personalized relaxation with our neck massager tailored to your needs. Customize your massage with various intensity levels and heat settings, ensuring ultimate comfort and relief.

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Item Type:trapezius massager

Material: PU leather

Timing time: 10 minutes

Rated voltage: 5V

Rated power: 26W

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Charging time: 3 hours

Using time: 7-8 times for 10 minutes each time

Product Include

1* Main machine

1* Charging cable

1* Manual

1* Box


1. Trapezius massager.Six claws, two sets of 3D massage heads with four large massage contactscover the shoulder and neck, trapezius muscles, allowing your neck to relax and no longer feel tired and uncomfortable.

2. Upgrade human-hands technology.Simulate massage by a masseur, deeply restoring the massage sensation of alternating grasping, pinching, and kneading between the thumb and palm, effectively relieve the discomfort caused by the shoulder and neck bowed for a long time.

3. 2 modes,2 gears.Symptomatic massage, to meet the needs of different forces, easy to operate.Kneading mode, periodically relax, shoulders, neck, back. Soothing mode, intelligent recognition of each massage.

4. Upgrade large area hot compress.2-gear warm compress, stable and comfortable heating, improves massage effect, and allows you to quickly relax the tight state of the neck.

5. Upgrade the retractable strap and back buckle design.2 ways to use, not only can hand pull to adjust the massage part, but also can snap design fixed massager, massage while working, free hands.

6. Longendurance. DC brushless motor, low noise, strong power, avoid excessive massage and overheat protection.Battery content 2000mAh, charging time 3 hours, use 10 minutes, can be used 7-8 times.

7. Whole body available.Not only can the shoulder and neck massage, but also the legs, hands, waist massage, easy to switch.


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