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Anti-Vape Necklace

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Metal color: 3-R-55cm

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Material: Stainless Steel; Metal surface: 18K gold /18K silver.
Why choose stainless steel: 1. No rust; 2. Not Allergic; 3. Powerful of anti-acid,anti-alkali; 4. No deformation; 5. Do not fade.

The size of the breathing necklace:
Pendant length: 5 cm / 6 cm;Chain length: 70 cm/ 55 cm, the chain length is longer than the general jewelry necklace (45 cm), the product can be worn to the chest.
The size of the Rotate bead necklace:
Pendant length: 20 cm X 22 cm; Chain length: 50 cm.

Note: The pendant does not have the function of a whistle and cannot be blown.
Function: Relieve anxiety or decorate.When you feel anxious, you can blow on this necklace and breathe deeply to relieve anxiety and calm your mood.If there is a problem with the package, please contact me before submitting a dispute or leaving negative feedback. Thank you in advance.

Kick Your Vape To The Curb

Tired of being stuck in the vaping trap?

Our Anti Vaping Necklace is your ticket to break free.

Imagine a world where you’re not controlled by cravings, where every exhale helps you conquer that urge. It’s not just a necklace – it’s your partner in overcoming vaping, making each breath a step towards a healthier, vape-free life

Breathe Your Worries Away

Manage Stress Naturally – Use the power of your breath wherever you are! Crafted to replicate the calming effect you get from vaping, but in a much healthier way. Increase focus, decrease stress and become the best version of yourself!


1. Inhale – Deeply inhale through the nose to and take a pause at the top, to mimic a similar action to vaping.

2. Exhale – Slowly control your exhale through the necklace to alleviate any feelings of anxiety or cravings that come from nic withdrawal.

3. Release – Repeat this regularly to experience a sense of inner calmness and improved emotional-wellbeing over time.



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