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Super Shot

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  • bigger model includes retractable mag and auto ejection foam darts!
  • calm your mind – adhd friendly!
  • a great fidget tool for focus
  • lowers anxiety and stress
  • safe and harmless toy

A fun away to focus your mind

Super Shot

gain control of your adhd

fidget toys can assist individuals with adhd by offering a non-disruptive outlet for excess energy and sensory stimulation, aiding in improving focus and concentration.

the tactile feedback and repetitive motions of fidgeting can serve as a self-regulation tool, promoting a sense of calmness and reducing restlessness.

multiple focus benefits!

Super Shot

  • adhd

the perfect addition the the 2010 method. a fun filled way to regain control and stay focued

Super Shot

  • anxiety

whenever life gets overwhelming, take a step back, breathe, take a break. you deserve it.

Super Shot

  • focus

fidgetshot pairs as the perfect study tool! relax your mind without losing focus

Super Shot

  • stress

extended screen use can increase stress. you need a screen free way of easing your mind


  • 96%: users reported a significant increase in productivity
  • 86%: users reported that their anxiety was in control
  • 87%: users reported feeling more focused during long study sessions

statistics based on an ongoing survey!

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