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TheraBlade Pro

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  • NMES Microcurrent for tension relief
  • Micro-Vibration targets knots
  • 3-Blade Design contours to your body
  • 3 Power Levels for personalized comfort
  • Compact, Portable, Wireless
  • Rechargeable Battery for uninterrupted relaxation

TheraBlade Pro

TheraBlade Pro: Unrivaled Muscle Relief

This advanced handheld massager combines NMES Microcurrent technology and Micro-Vibration to target tension and knots, offering instant comfort and improved circulation. Its Custom 3-Blade Design ensures precision, while adjustable power levels provide personalized relaxation. Compact, portable, and wireless, TheraBlade Pro is your on-the-go solution for deep muscle relaxation, offering unparalleled comfort and relief, anytime, anywhere.

  • Instant Muscle Relief

TheraBlade Pro utilizes NMES Microcurrent technology and Micro-Vibration to target muscle tension and knots, providing instant relief and relaxation.

  • Precision and Customization

The Custom 3-Blade Design ensures precise targeting of specific muscle areas. Adjustable power levels allow users to customize their massage experience for personalized comfort.

  • Improved Circulation

By targeting tension and knots, TheraBlade Pro helps improve blood circulation, promoting better oxygen flow and overall muscle health.

  • Portability and Convenience

Compact, wireless, and portable, TheraBlade Pro offers deep muscle relaxation anytime, anywhere. Its on-the-go design allows users to enjoy comfort and relief wherever they are.

TheraBlade Pro

Key Benefits:

  • Enhances blood flow, reducing fatigue and inflammation, ensuring optimal muscle health.
  • Targets persistent tension, offering precision deep tissue massages, ideal for therapy.
  • Facilitates rapid warm-ups, aids post-workout recovery, promoting swift muscle healing.
  • Relieves muscle soreness, boosts flexibility, ensuring comfort and injury prevention.
  • Promotes muscle activation, aiding in atrophy rehabilitation for improved mobility.
  • Improves muscle flexibility, reducing the risk of sports-related injuries and enhancing overall physical performance.

TheraBlade Pro

Find calmness with proven massage methods, relieving both pain and stress

TheraBlade Pro

  • 80%: reduction in muscle fatigue, enhancing endurance and boosting performance during workouts.
  • 60%: improvement in muscle flexibility, reducing injury risks and enhancing overall mobility.
  • 50%: faster recovery rate after workouts, ensuring quicker healing and readiness for the next training session.

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