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TopCutter X21

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Color: 5-in-1-Gold

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The Technology Behind Our High-Grade Titanium Foils

 TopCutter uses high-grade titanium foils to smoothly shave your head and prevent any skin from being pulled or irritated.

With 5 attachable shaver heads, it’s suitable for any area, no matter if you’re looking to trim your beard, shave your head, or remove nose hair.

Sharp foil finish runs with whisper-quiet technology, so you’ll barely hear it working - or even feel it.With a superior battery life, one charge is enough for multiple shaving sessions.


Why You Will Love TopCutter Head Shaver

New way of smooth and precise shaving: You can forget about any skin pulling or unwanted irritations as TopCutter uses high-grade titanium shavers that’s skin-friendly.

5-cutter design: WIth carefully-tested spacing between cutters, it lays gently onto your skin and avoids any irritation or cuts for any head shape.

Know exact battery life: You can clearly see the exact percentage of battery life on a small LCD screen and ensure to never run out of battery.

No more cuts or ingrown hair: Ingrown hair can be bald man's biggest enemy, so we carefully designed TopCutter to ensure healthy hair growth.

Fully shaved head in 90 seconds: With 5-shaver design, you'll have a smooth and shaved head in less than two minutes


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