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Warm Thermal Gloves


Color: Basic black

Size: M


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Unisex Warm Thermal Gloves Cycling Running Driving Gloves
Keep warm in cold weather! Enjoy outdoor sports !

Touch screen | Waterproof | 360 Warm

Warm Thermal Gloves

Maximum Comfort, Perfect Fit, Works with Phone, Wind & Water & Puncture-proof that all you need from a Premium Gloves. Enjoy Outdoor Sport!

Keep Your Hands Nice and Toasty in the FREEZE Weather (Works With Phones Too!)


Warm Thermal Gloves

Why Do I Need These Gloves?
Warm hands, good health

Warm Thermal Gloves

The biting and frosty wind and snow can’t keep you away from keeping fit in the winter when you’re wearing the warmest gloves ever!

The winter gloves with the premium lining will hug your hands tightly to guard them from the bite of frost.

 Warm Thermal Gloves

Waterproof And Snowproof
Even if your hair is wet through, your body is bedraggled, your hands will still be dry all the day thanks to the comprehensive protection of these excellently waterproof gloves.


 Warm Thermal Gloves

Anti-Slip Palm
The silicone palm with the anti-slip texture gives you the firm grip to keep everything in your hand, from your belongings to your fitness!

 Warm Thermal Gloves

Touchscreen Design
No need to let your hands suffer from the chill on the freezing days to use your smartphone. As they’re made of conductive fabric, you can do anything with your phone without putting off the gloves.

Warm Thermal Gloves

Suitable For Outdoor Activities
Outdoor sports are easier and warmer than ever when you’re wearing this pair of gloves, which are born with many suitable features for playing winter sports.

Warm Thermal Gloves

Warm offer for winter!

For ladies, S & M is suitable.
For men, L is suitable for most normal hand sizes.
If your hands are larger than normal, please choose XL.


 Warm Thermal Gloves



1. Fashionable wrist opening design: finely crafted alignment, neat and smooth lines, firm and sturdy without thread, every detail is the embodiment of the craft, no skipping stitches wrist opening with elasticity

2. Wear-resistant, easy to wear the more put on and take off, fashionable zip design, hand surface to stop the slippery zip design, to prevent the zip sliding, easy to adjust, no bulky and depressed hard feeling, with good flexibility

3. New touch screen design: technology design, integration of metal conductive cloth, can effectively sense the human body microelectric touch, do not take off the glove can be operated, mobile phone to answer the phone, touch screen sensitive, so you can use the phone 4. Skin-friendly wearing feeling!

5. Professional hand protection, especially at the back of the hand with film protection; palm with silicone pads, anti-slip and wear-resistant, so that the grip stronger grip more agile, for your sports safety escort


Colour: Black

Size: S, M, LXL

Material: Polyester

Glove type: full finger

Season: Winter

Gender: all

Handwear: two-handed

Type of closure: zip

Design features: warmth; shockproof

Product size: 24.50*14.00*1.50cmProduct weight: approx. 70G

Package Included:




Warm Thermal GlovesWarm Thermal GlovesWarm Thermal GlovesWarm Thermal GlovesWarm Thermal GlovesWarm Thermal GlovesWarm Thermal GlovesWarm Thermal Gloves



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